Harry Vermeulen
Bodem en grondwatermanagement, bodemsanering

ir. Harry Vermeulen was born in 1945 in the Netherlands. He studied civil engineering at the Delft Technical University. He started his carrier as a specialist in water treatment at DHV consulting engineers. Later on he was appointed in several management positions and finally became member and chair of the board of directors.

From 1993 Mr. Vermeulen became an independent consultant. He advised the ministry of Public Works and Water management in pilot projects for the first drilled tunnels in the Netherlands. He assisted the ministry in developing a research programme for sub surface building and construction. As a director he established a salt mining company in the northern province of the Netherlands using salt layers at a depth of 3000 to 4000 meters.

From 1995 Mr. Vermeulen was as a programme director responsible for research and technology programmes funded by the Dutch Government and the Ministry of Environment. These programmes formed the basis of the policy and approach of the soil and groundwater quality management in the Netherlands. He recently developed a new research programme about sustainable use of the subsoil, also funded by the Ministry of Environment.

Today Mr. Vermeulen is chair off the board of NSP, the Netherlands soil Partnership, a foundation that supports the exchange of Dutch know how in the field of soil and groundwater contamination and remediation with authorities and companies abroad.

He is also member of the board of Bosatex, a foundation that is responsible for the execution of soil remediation of all the dry cleaning companies in the Netherlands. Mr. Vermeulen is also member of the programme committee of Consoil , that is organizing every two years a big European conference on soil quality management.